Monday, February 23, 2015

Essenhaus Sole Exhibition was a fine Show!

Want to thank Tim and Connie...and Essenhaus staff, for all the help, the warm environment, and the successful sales. Thanks also, of my patrons, both past and new! How exciting!!!

For those of you that have visited this blog while the exhibition was on, thank you...and you will now note the exhibition over, I have removed images of those works.  The prices during the exhibition were a "sale" price, and no longer represent the pricing structure and value of the works.

I will use this announce individual works available for sale in the up and coming future, or any unique exhibitions for my work. the post that follows, I have a new DVD available on my methods long taught on Portrait Drawing.  I have just a limited supply...and then will be temporarily removing the Paypal button.

Artist Network University and I, will be offering a four week online virtual course on portrait drawing...that will have assignments weekly, supplemental materials, additional video and Power Points, and each week's end, I will offer up a personal critique based on each participants efforts.  I do have one such course right now on foundations in plein air.

When I will release or make additional DVDs available will be considered and announced.  Thank you...

Unique Approach to Drawing the Portrait

$25.00 plus $5 shipping/handling

Seventy-eight minute instructional video on Larry's unique approach, working the portrait inside out...that is, the eye as a unit of measure.  A simple construct that operates as a standard.  No person's face is perfect...but this standard helps isolate and identify those traits unique to each person.

Getting to know the construct, committing it to memory...will help pick up immediately on what essential differentials identifying one person from another are there to be seen.  For caricaturists...this is a huge help for one quickly determines the plan of attack on features to exaggerate or expound.

For the serious portraitist, it will be a tool to heighten sensivities honing in on key essential facial features...