Tuesday, August 8, 2017

9"x 12" Descent of the Dead River

9"x 12" oil on stretched linen, painting in Marquette, Michigan on location (plein air), where the McClure Dead River is on its final run to empty into Lake Superior.  Callin' it, "Descent of the Dead River"  Painted during one of my upper Michigan plein air workshops I was teaching.

Letting this one go from my personal collection, you can buy it now using Paypal...or contact me for money order. I also consider optional payment plans...(no shipping outside USA)

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9"x 12" plein air...a study of a wintery scene with blue undertones

this 9"x 12" plein air (painted on location) was an experimentation in a bluish undertone, which I believe gave a nicely imbued overall wintry color harmony and mood.  I've held onto this one in my personal collection quite some time for the reminder of risks sometimes worth taking.  With some up and coming events, an invitational plein air event, travels and costs associated, I am letting some additional works go at a discounted sales price offering...including this work, unframed.

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"Lone Tree Study- Argonne" 8"x 10" oil on panel

This 8"x 10" oil served as a study for a much larger40"x 50" gallery wrap oil on wild turkeys scratching thru snows and feeding in a distant wooded meadow corner...(available)


You can see in the larger painting I decided upon a warmer theme, but I enjoy the natural mood of the smaller painting as well.  As always, please note...you can see a larger image by clicking directly on the images above.

I am putting this study from my personal collection up on sale, discounted...@ $400 plus $10 shipping, unframed, which I believe will make a nice original oil for someone's collection of fine art.

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Monday, August 7, 2017

"Spunky But Alert- Redhead" 5"x 4"

Those of you working artists that travel and do events know the costs invested in frames, lodging, materials, travel etc; so for the next week or so, I will be discounting some of my personal work from my collection for an event coming in September.  Some are studies, some plein air, some small...some larger.


This was a reversion to my wildlife art career years, where even something this small as 5"x 4" using acrylics would have had me applying detail on detail for hours upon hours.  Painted a few years ago now and living in a national forest, I have not divorced myself from my love of wildlife and time outdoors, but I explored painting wise other challenges, one about 25 years ago now taking my paints outdoors painting from life, or what is called today "plein air."

With the nature of painting from life, the fickle nature of available light hanging around and cooperating or quickly disappearing comes that knack for putting a thing down, deft handling of brush...and I found myself curious visiting my old love to see if this same handling, but in oils, could develop a satisfying subject.  I have done a number of such works now relatively much less time, focusing on rendering with value and color and brushwork suggestion.  I was quite delighted, though it would not give those old state department natural resource expects satisfaction in counting feathers!  That said, in passing observation of fowl from life, you won't find yourself counting feathers!

I am offering this as an original oil for $100...and $7 shipping. Which I think is a reasonable sharing in my venture and journey as an artist.  I hope someone will see and believe that as well.  A nice little oil...

You may purchase outright thru Paypal link button here, or contact me to arrange for a money order (USA only, sorry).

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Available- "Above the Falls" plein air- 14"x 18" on linen

Painted here in NE Wisconsin, a drive down a dirt road about two miles to a side dirt small cul de sac, parking provided for visitors, and then about a mile's hike in, up and down good forested hills.  Lovely day to spend...set up on the Pine River, a near 40' falls.  Known as "plein air" or painted on location from life. This river's bend comes just before the falls looking upstream, and the light was lovely with the foreground in shadow.

This was painted on stretched linen.  Lovely surface to paint on.  Offering here at a sale "unframed" price...and $20 shipping to be added.  USA only...and the paypal button here for your convenience, or you may contact me.  We can work out a money order and I'll work with arranged payments.  (See, I'm pretty easy going!  *smile)

*discounted about 1/2 my event prices @ $700

Friday, August 4, 2017

A litte about my Instructionals, Videos, Materials found On Line

I retired several years ago now from the physical classroom teaching art, but I haven't given up sharing, teaching, and doing workshops.  For years I was an original staffer of the earliest of online venue virtual art communities for artists, breaking new ground really...called Wetcanvas, starting with less than 1,000 members, we had but a few forums. 

A half dozen of us worked with the then found Scott Burkett, and over time created more forums and grew the community.  The average moderator oversaw one, maybe two forums, but somehow I helped create and moderate eight forums including one of my own subforums.  The community grew to about 360,000 and about 13 years into this venture decided it was time to retire.  But, not long after I heard from the then and current owners if I would like to do some online Go To Meetings...again, a new venture...and it required my putting together PDF materials, short videos, outlines and set up in a high speed access.  Soon, I was teaching and fielding questions on Foundations and the idea that "paintings work for reasons paintings work"  Those materials in five sessions and downloads are still available doing a little search on F&W publication's North Light Shop Books, including an eBook on Landscape Painting I did (over 300 pages pdf format) and a DVD on Painting Tumbling Water in Oils...

One of the forums I pushed for, helped create and co-moderated was the Plein Air forum...and thru that I tend to believe many artists making good ground in the plein air movement today got their initial shot in the proverbial arm so to speak, encouragement...chances to share, learn and so forth.  From that I would meet artists and find invitation to travel and teach plein air workshops which I still do to this day.  We are right now planning my fifth plein air venture and workshop up into Alaska, the Homer or Kenai area.  (Stay tuned!)

The next online venture that expanded was with Artist Network University...and in its more infancy worked with experimentations in F&W developing student/instructor portals...

I made my own investment in technology, a new Mac system with Final Cut Studio Pro (digital film/video editor) and a Canon D70 DSLR camera which I use today for shooting video footage.  Invested in a lavalier clip on mic for better sound, and two very large tripod 5700k flood lights for better video shooting and painting.  But, fun came when I was invited down to Cincinnati, Ohio and put together five full long shooting days with a professional film crew my course on "Alla Prima Bootcamp- Four Weeks to Confident Painting" and it really is like a bootcamp for painters of all levels novice to advanced. Week three and four may even be not for the weak of heart...you will be pushed.  That course is now available ON Demand with ANU  (Artist Network University)

And as I'm told by admin, this course is proving to be the most popular On Demand course ANU has right now...and only $49...(on demand offers the course materials, assignments, going at your own pace, download and start any time, cheaper than the four week scheduled course that included instructor time and personal critiques)

Alla Prima Bootcamp On Demand Course 

Here too is a promo video on Alla Prima Bootcamp put together by ANU-

Also available is my On Demand course on my Unique Approach to Portrait Drawing-

 Unique Approach to Portrait Drawing

Artist Network University even put together this promo video using my video shooting...


I also have my own Gumroad Page...where I have uploaded a few tutorials, video instructions made in my art studio space for a small fee...you can check out each link, pay and download.  I will be adding more video follow alongs, instructionals, teachings...and prices are subject to change...

Larry's Gumroad Page-

So, plenty of instructional stuff and growing.  If curious about my painting career and earlier history, check out my links to the right in the blog, and my Bio, links to other blogs of mine and my personal website.

And so
you are aware, I am available for workshops. 

Not so scary pulling a workshop idea together.  We've done them twice now even thru cruise ship lines! You will need about 9-12 artists that will pay half down so I make my travel airfare, and the rest paid in advance about a month prior.  I have Paypal...and the artists can pay me direct.  We just need to talk and I can help you walk thru this if you haven't done it before. 

I limit myself to how many events and workshops I will do in a given year.  I am as said earlier retired, and enjoy my grandchildren!  *smiling

"Last Word In" 10"x 20" oil plein air

Today's offering...a work I did at the Cedarburg Plein Air festival a few years ago...doing as I often like to do...work from setting up in the water.  It is called "Last Word In" because I saw and anticipated the sun going down, looking west...and that I might be so lucky to catch sun glare beneath this small rural bridge location.

I grabbed all my gear after parking off to the side of the road, worked my way down...and with walking stick, old tennis shoes and shorts waded my in a couple trips to set up, with my Duluth pack on a nearby shore.

Hurrying to put paint out on the palette, getting the easel tripod anchored in the current with a larger rock in its apron. All the while studying the scene, deciding my course of action and palette color attack.

Once at the ready...it was literally the sun getting the last word...and I had to work decisively!  Was a lot of fun, the glory of color at that time of day's end.

This painting originally had a wide four inch heavy black frame, and was marked around $1400...but I am putting this one on sale here unframed at $900...oil on hardboard pumice gesso prepared panel.  I will have to make a crate or order a special mailer so anticipate at least $30 to ship, plus put some insurance on it as well.  If interested, contact me and we can also work out payment schedule options, including going by money order, breaking payments up, etc;  (I'm easy to get along with!  *wink )  thanks...

As always, click on the images to see come up a larger image view...

$900 plus $30 shipping (USA only)